Behind The Driver

Thoughts on ARM vs x86

26 Apr 2012

The other day I wrote a big long post that a browser crash ate. To sum it up, I think the upcoming Windows on ARM is a bit of a dead end. I think the reason ARM is so popular in mobile computers is because Intel simply hasn’t been either able or willing to scale down to tiny power levels ARM currently targets in smartphones and tablets. Intel has shown over the last half a decade since they retired Netburst that they can deliver massive performance at low power levels ( low being 35W TDP ). My prediction was that with the upcoming Medfield, Intel is going to get the ball rolling and within the next couple generations of intel mobile chips are going to entirely surpass ARM in performance.

So after I wrote a bunch more about this Chrome decided to lock up and take the dock with it. A couple days later I find this in my feed:

There you have it. First generation hardware from a relatively unknown vendor on early software. A single atom core is already competitive and in some cases superior to the dual and quad core ARM offerings.