Behind The Driver

Insomniac Dell Mini 9

Recently noticed that closing the lid on my Dell Mini 9 running Debian Wheezy and Gnome3 wasn’t making it sleep.

First step in debugging the sleep problem was using the pm-utils command ‘pm-suspend’. This worked right away ( as root ).

After waking the machine up I checked the settings in ‘gnome-tweak-tool’ ( ‘sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool’, it doesn’t come with gnome by default ). Settings were correct.

ScreenShot of Gnome Tweak Tool

Finally after a lot of looking through log files and other debugging I realized my problem. On my desktop machines at work I prefer to use the console login and then manually start X11 with the ‘startx’ command. So I go into /etc/rc2.d/ ( or whatever runlevel I’m using, 2 is the default ) and I move S01gdm3 to K01gdm3 to prevent it from running automatically at boot. This was preventing gnome-power-manager from being able to call pm-suspend ( for some reason, still need to research it a bit further ). Changing back to using GDM3 at boot instead of the console login fixed the sleep problem.